The story of handcrafted KLIFIDES hookahs has been growing from the experience of their author Filip Klíma gained in a mountain village surrounded by unspoilt nature, from his unusual attitude to wood processing and his eye for original design.

As Filip Klíma admits, the process of creating KLIFIDES hookahs is more like a spiritual thing: „I try to maintain hookah’s original ritual character, of course, using different forms and handcraft. Each KLIFIDES hookah is a functional sculpture and work of art for me, as well as a ritual object around which people meet. And if you find happiness in what you do, you can put positive energy into your work. This is what I believe in.“


There are hours of concentration and difficult work with hard oak wood behind every KLIFIDES product. Once you cut off a millimetre of this unique natural material, you can hardly put it back. „That is why perfect harmony with what I do is absolutely essential,“ says Filip. The wooden shell of a hookah hides a screw-on stainless steel stem and hand blown Czech Crystal vase. Single details of the final product then reflect all the effort their author have made.