A team of hookah enthusiasts from the Czech Republic that decided to bring their two favorite things – hookah and tech – together. Thus, Manapipes Tear, a unique smart hookah stand was born, becoming the first hookah IoT gadget. Using the combined power of its hardware and software, Manapipes Tear is able to track your smoking activity, integrating it with a large database of hookahs, tobacco, accessories and hookah bars and lounges and illuminating your hookah with colorful light animations all the while.

Fun with statistics

Did you ever think about how long your last hookah session was, how well you liked that tobacco you tried a month ago, or how many sessions do you indulge in every week? Manapipes brings clear answers to all those questions once and for all, providing users with a tool to track and manage their hookah activity and eliminating all guesswork. „Our mission is simple – to find the best combination of hookah and tech and help the hookah community grow even further,“ say the creators of Manapipes stand.