marvin smoke

Dedicated to the production of first rate hookahs utilizing high quality stainless steel and hand blown Czech glass. Marvin´s unique approach to production masterfully combines the aesthetic appearance of the hookah with its functional qualities.

The marvin´s team is young and creative, living out their dreams as passionate enthusiasts of the art of recreational smoke inhalation. They are not afraid to seek out creative opportunities and develop their own.

Czech republic is the country well known as a kingdom of steel and Bohemian glass.

Vibes, art, thick smoke and happy customers

The idea was born in 2013 when Mark and Vincenc (hence the word „marvin“) worked as bartenders in a small hookah lounge. Having knowing each other from the childhood, among the many things they shared was a growing passion for hookahs. Having had the chance to work at the hookah lounge, they began to discover some of the shortcomings common hookahs had. And that was the point when they started working on developing a hookah of their own as their desire for „dream come true“.

After two years of developement, their first model was brought to life. – marvin vol. 1. This model was a symbol of originality, exclusivity, simplicity and so much more. Later in 2016 the second model was introduced.

Marvin vol. 2. went even further with an improved aesthetic design and overall quality as more features and functions were added to the hookah. Marvin hookahs are mainly designed and developed to be used in hookah lounges. Their high quality and food grade stainless steel as well as other materials used along the production process are carefully picked to last a life-long usage with respect to users health.

Brought together by an every possible difference in character, yet this passionate duo took their chances, and followed by manufacturing czech-made hookahs eventually got into opening a little hookah lounge of their own. „We enjoy nice vibes, art, thick smoke and happy customers,“ Mark and Vincenc say.

We are bringing to you the marvin smoke hookahs combining machine precision and excellent hand craftsmanship.